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Media and Cryptocurrency: A Positive Affair

 In the past decade, a lot has happened in the cryptocurrency world. There is a direct relation between the popularity of cryptos, their price and the number of articles being written on a daily basis. A recent study by CLOVR compares all the articles written between 2013, when Bitcoin first crossed the $1k per coin threshold, [...]

Crypto and Politics: The Voter’s Perception

 The funding of U.S political campaigns has been an issue surrounded by controversy for almost 190 years, having first emerged from Andrew Jackson’s 1829 presidential campaign. Nowadays, it has taken a more modern twist with advocates of cryptocurrencies waging their own campaigns in order to allow digital currencies to finally be accepted and thus used [...]

Conventional and Modern Methods of Sending Money Abroad

 Money sent through remittances or Dollars wrapped with love, as referred by economist Dilip Ratha, make up more than a quarter of national income in some poor countries. Sending money abroad is not that easy and can be a very stressful situation when our loved ones are not financially taken care of. A recent study by [...]

Cryptocurrency Investments Still Driven by Emotions and Overoptimism

 A recent survey about attitudes towards cryptocurrency investments reveals some interesting facts about those who own cryptocurrencies. It reveals that in the US, the demographics invested in cryptocurrencies more than any other is Millennial men with higher incomes. The survey also went deeper to find out what is driving the investment in the cryptocurrencies and [...]